Our technicians are in the final stages of completing the last touches, working diligently and passionately to bring you the most extraordinary riding experience on a fully Italian brand.

We are proud to present you the result of this meticulous manufacturing: a bicycle that embodies Italian excellence and passion. Our local trails have been chosen as the testing ground, as we believe there is no better place to test and perfect our creation.

When you hop on this bike, you will feel the true essence of Italy with every pedal stroke. Our passion for perfection translates into a frame that combines craftsmanship and the best technologies, allowing you to enjoy an unparalleled riding experience.

The soul of Catria 1701 is endurance-oriented, ready to tackle any type of terrain with its 160mm of travel. No matter how challenging the trail is, this bike fears no obstacles. And what’s more incredible, climbing becomes remarkably formidable, transforming the experience into a true cross-country adventure. But the real magic lies in the 880Wh battery paired with the Polini Evo motor, capable of delivering 90Nm of torque. Reaching the summit has never been so easy and thrilling: you will feel invincible on steep trails, without encountering any difficulties.