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That’s where it all started!

Mountain and Enduro bikes is where it all started, back in the early 80s, when Fabrizio Focarini was a proficient Enduro and Racing motorbikes manufacturer. Moving to bicycles he held true to his vision of quality and attention to detail, adapting many key features and technologies that later became standard.

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Innovative e-Mtb

Constant innovation

Focarini is not only tradition but innovation and evolution too! The engineering solutions and features built into the current line-up of Focarini bikes are the result of research and development based on extensive trials on a wide range of fields, from professional racers to commuters and all the way in between, continuously gathering feedback and transforming them into meaningful innovations.

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Enduro is Focarini Bikes long-time specialty! That’s where our story began and where many of our innovations have derived from. Our Enduro bikes sport may feature designed specifically for the most demanding trails, while maintaining a good balance with everyday practicality.

All Mountain

Jack of all trades, the all mountain bike is the ideal compromise between a cross-country and an Enduro MTB: with features allowing you to take on the most intricate trails while maintaining great practicality you can’t be disappointed by any of these models.


Lighter and more efficient for the hill-climbing enthusiast, our cross country mountain bikes will leave no one disappointed with an optimal price to performance ratio and the usual robust, reliable build that Focarini is known for.

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The Focarini MTB range

From entry level to super-pro, the whole Focarini MTB range is designed with the same idea in mind, riding performance and quality. Combined with the excellent after-sale customer service we are known for.